The Craft Project

Let the Crafting Begin!

So there’s something I need to put right up front and centre as  begin this blog: I think crafts are cool.

I don’t think you need to crochet afghans like your grandmother did 50 years ago to do crafts – like all things crafts have evolved with time and there are so many opportunities to create funky, fresh projects that are expressive of the individual who created them.  Over the last few years there has been a serious resurgence of crafting among my generation spured on by books like Stich ‘N Bitch and sites like Anticraft.  As a generation we’ve rediscovered our passion for creating things and learning new skills while we create – we value new, meaningful experiences, and crafting is another way to express this value.  Plus it gives us a way to connect with the generations that have come before us – to learn from them and then take what we’ve learned and adapt it into our own unique thing.

There’s such an endless array of possibilities of techniques to try and projects to tackle.  You can knit, crochet, spin and felt; you can paint, sculpt, photograph and draw; you can garden and preserve food; you can sew, you can create pottery or make jewellery; you can do things I have even thought of or heard of yet – it’s very, very exciting!!  And I’m the kind of person that wants to try it all.

Which leads to the problem – when you want to try it all, you sometimes get distracted, and you don’t always finish what you started – or even worse you don’t even start.  I sometimes (okay, if I’m being honest – often) have this issue.  But that ends today!  I am starting this blog with the commitment to starting (and finishing) one project a week.  I begin on Sunday, June 13, 2010.  I’ll be sharing with all of you the trials, tribulations and successes, along with resources and how to’s in case you want to tackle something similar yourselves.  And I’d love to hear what you think, along with your suggestions for projects to tackle – please don’t be shy about commenting on the blog – it’s nice to know someone out there is reading it.

Beyond the joy of creating, learning new skills, and sharing it with the world, I have one other motive for signing myself up to this commitment.  I have a “secret” (well maybe not so secret now that I’ve divulged it to the internet) wish to be an artist and a writer – fingers crossed that this helps push me on my way.

Thanks for joining me for the journey and wish me luck!

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