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Pies and Bar-B-Que Sauce are Made from the Same Plant?

I’ve decided to can the rhubarb.  In my experience canning tends to take a large volume of fruit and vegetables and reduce them to a reasonable number of glass jars.  The way I see it that will take up significantly less space than trying to freeze the rhubarb and then pack it into my tiny refrigerator freezer.  Plus I love canned food – it’s amazing at minus 40 to open a jar of fruit – it brings summer back into your kitchen at a time of year where all the produce in the local grocery store looks just a little bit questionable.

So the question that my giant black bag of rhubarb and I are now facing is – what is it you actually make with rhubarb?

All I’ve ever made with rhubarb is pies, crisps and cobblers – so  I figured that’s where I should start.  I started hunting through my canning cookbook and found a delicious looking receipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling.  Perfect – that will be step 1.  Of course, with a full 50 pounds of rhubarb I realised I was going to need a few other recipes as well.  I sifted through recipes for about an hour and came up with a set to try.  I’ve settled on Rhubarb Chutney, Rhubarb in Syrup, and Victorian Bar-B-Que Sauce (who knew you could make bar-b-que sauce out of rhubarb?) in addition to the pie filling.

I’m off to the grocery store now to pick up a giant bag of sugar (always key when canning) and a few more jars – a couple of boxes of jars should cut it right???

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