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A Couple of Boxes of Jars Were Not Enough

I think I have been back and forth to Canadian Tire about five times in the last two days.  It turns out to can 50 pounds of rhubarb you need a lot of jars.  The good news is that I have lots and lots of canned rhubarb, and that Tyler has managed to find a place to store said canning.  The bad news is all I have done when I haven’t been at work or coaching Special Olympics in the last few days is can rhubarb!

I started with a single batch of rhubarb in syrup.  I have to be honest that I’m not entirely sure what to do with rhubarb in syrup, so I thought a single batch would be safest.  This was by far the easiest of the recipes.  Boil up some sugar, water and rhubarb and fill the jars with them.  One batch down….a lot to go.

The rhuarb in syrup didn’t really put a dent in the bag of rhubarb – despite the fact that it called for 16 cups of rhubarb, which in any normal scenario would be a lot of rhubarb.  That led me to decide to make a double batch of strawberry rhubarb pie filling, which I altered to a quadruple batch after I saw how much rhubarb was still sitting in the garbage bag on the kitchen floor.  The pie filling is beautiful when canned – it’s a dark shade of pink and the tiny bit I tried is mouthwatering – a good thing since we have significantly more than 20 jars worth.

Next I tackled the bar-b-que sauce.  I decided to food process the onion, ginger, raisins, and rhubrb to make these as sauce-like as possible before adding the other ingredients.  It looked like grey-green sludge…..very unapetizing grey-green sludge to be exact.  Thank God that when the other indgredients were added it started to look a lot more like bar-b-que sauce (it turned red-brown for a start).  The taste test proved that it was tangy and delicious – and now we’ve got lots to last us through the rest of the summer bar-b-ques (I choosing to ignore Tyler’s comment that we don’t actually eat meat and so bar-b-que sauce doesn’t seem entirely practical to him – I’m sure it will work on veggie burgers and fish just fine).

Tyler has just counted the jars of canning sprawled across the dining room table where I’ve been putting them to cool.  Apparently we now have more than enough to have one jar of canning a week for the next year (and I still need to make chutney) – turns out a couple of boxes of jars weren’t enough.

The jars of canning to date

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