The Craft Project

Making My Own Wool

Week Two

The Yukon has a Northern Fibre Arts Guild that meets monthly in Whitehorse.  I’ve never attended one of their meetings but I have watched their members from time to time conducting spinning demonstrations in the local yarn shop.  Spinning has always seemed a bit like magic to me.  My mom has a spinning wheel, and although I’ve seen it used, the whole process still seems a bit complicated and a bit too fixed in place to me (in the sense that a spinning wheel is a bit unweildy to move around).

That’s why when I saw someone spinning using a drop spindle the other day, the concept appealed so completely to me – now don’t get me wrong, as far as I’m concerned turning wool into yarn using a drop spindle is still magic – but at least in this case it’s easily portable magic (something I highly value with my slightly nomadic lifestyle).

So while I was visiting my younger brother last month on the East Coast of Canada, I picked up both a drop spindle (made by a local artisan from wood from her old barn) and a bag of carded and dyed wool (blue and green with sparkles – how could I resist?).  So now I’m sitting here on solstice (a very big deal up North as it isn’t going to get dark tonight) staring at something that resembles an elongated child’s wooden top and a bag of moss on drugs and I’m trying to figure out how to begin this week’s project – spinning my own ball of wool.

It’s time Google and I spent some quality time together.

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