The Craft Project

Very, Very, Very Fuzzy

Week 2.75

My friend Megan was reading this blog the other day and got very excited to start crafting with me – which is awesome because crafting with a buddy always rocks.  Megan has the same problematic tendancy as me to start, but not always finish, her craft projects – so us getting together to create has the added bonus that I’ll help her kick the incompletion habit and she’ll help me stick to my commitment of a project a week.

We agreed to meet in one of our favourite coffee shops this afternoon, Baked Cafe, in downtown Whitehorse.  As I was heading out to meet her I realized I had finished my week two project and hadn’t yet planned week three’s…so I needed a plan…hence week 2.75.  About a month and a half ago I started knitting a small, very fuzzy, very blue bag to store all of my knitting notions in (I was loosing them in my knitting bag, in my basket of yarn, in the couch, at my parent’s house when I went over to visit – you get the idea).  I started it, knit about 4 fours, and then immediately got distracted…in the intervening month and a half I haven’t picked it up once, but I have continued to misplace my notions, suggesting that I should really get it done.

So I grabbed my barely started project on the way out the door to meet Megan and spent the afternoon hanging out, chatting and knitting with her.  Turns out it was a super fast knit, and by the time we were done coffee I was almost finished (for reference I am not one of those super woman speed knitters – I leave titles like that for people like my mother and my friend Nicole – so when I knit something that quickly it means that anyone could have knit it that quickly).  The whole time I was working it felt like I was knitting a caterpillar, or a muppet, as it ended up so thick, and so blue, and so fuzzy.  I finished it up later today, sewed it together, and added a zipper and a zipper pull which I made from some silver wire and beads I harvested from a bracelet I wore when I was 6.  It turned out really fun – although when you stare inside of the bag it makes me think of what it must look like to stare into a sea monster’s mouth (dark, blue, and you guessed it – fuzzy).  I’ve included the instructions below in case you want to make something similar.

So now that I’ve finished the bag, I still need to come up with the week three project – I guess I better start scheming.

The very fuzzy knitted bag

How to knit your very own fuzzy bag

Split one skein of fuzzy yarn (I used a 50 g ball of Brazilia Fantasy Color) in half, winding into two equal balls.  Holding the two strands together cast on 46 stiches.  Work in stockinette stich for the entire piece (row 1: knit all stiches, row 2: purl all stiches).  Continue until you are almost out of yarn, or you reach 8 inches in length.  Bind off all stiches.  Weave in ends.  Fold the piece in half with the fold positioned at the bottom of the bag.  Sew zipper to the top of the bag with matching thread.  Sew side seams.  Create a fun zipper pull (you’ll need one to find your zipper in all of the fuzz).  Mine was made by twisting together wire and three wooden red heart beads.

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