The Craft Project

Roller Derby Girls Love Socks

So I skate in the Yukon Roller Derby League.  We’re a brand new league, and still have lots to learn, but we have tons of fun.  For those of you unfamiliar with roller derby – picture a bunch of girls on roller skates (roller skates not roller blades) racing around the track, smashing into each other, in tiny skirts, fish nets, and knee highs sporting names like “Calamity Jane”, “Ophelia Payne” and “Ho Down” (it combines the dancer, the rubgy player, and punk rock princess in me together perfectly).  If you can’t picture that, watch the movie Whip It.

Anyways we spent today skating in the Canada Day Parade (Happy Canada Day everyone).  It was so much fun.  We threw candy for the kids and got lots of cheers.  My parents were in the crowd and they told me that all of the girls around them started talking about joining the league after we’d skated past – which was super exciting to hear.  I’ll try to put up some pictures when I have some copies in the next few days.

In honour of our success and keeping with this week’s project theme of graphic design using ravens, I decided to take a shot at designing roller derby socks.  All of the socks I have for derby comes from the company Sock It To Me.  They run an on-going design contest to create new socks.  I thought I’d stick my neck out there a little bit and throw a design into the hat.  I took one of the ravens I drew for my logo design and created a red and black sock design from it.  I’ll keep you posted on if anything comes of the entry, but in the mean time you can check out what I put together.

And now back to the Canada Day celebrations for me!

My raven sock design for the Sock It To Me design contest - keep your fingers crossed that they like it.

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