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You Mean I Shouldn’t Hula Hoop in the House?

Armed with a new set of connectors – this time the right type of connectors – and some really strong and flexible glue (as a back-up) I sat down today to try again to make a hula hoop.  It turns out that with the right type of connectors, it is as easy as the internet led me to originally belive to make a hula hoop…and more importantly it’s lots of fun.  After you’ve connected the two ends of your hoop together, you wrap the entire hoop in electrical tape…and then you decorate it…with even more electrical tape.

My hoop reaches a few inches past my waist when sitting on the floor (the internet tells me that the ideal hoop size is between waist height and the height of your bra line…for guys that’s mid-chest-ish – where you would wear your heart rate monitor for the althletes out there).  I first wrapped it in black electrical tape and then followed that up with alternating stripes in yellow, blue and green tape.  I’m so excited about it.

In fact, I’m so excited about it I tried it out in the house.  Don’t try that – it doesn’t work – the hoop is much too big to hoop in the house, even if you try standing on your bed to do it.  An extra word of caution – jumping on your bed can cause your bed to break, as you are no longer 3 years old – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So I’m heading outside to some wide open grass now to try out my creation – wish me luck!

My very first handsome homemade hula hoop - hurray! (how's that for alliteration)

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