The Craft Project

One Hoop, Two Hoop, Red Hoop, Blue Hoop

Okay…it’s official: I’ve become obsessed with making hula hoops.

Between the time I completed my first hoop yesterday and now, I’ve created an additional three hoops.  One is red and blue and waist height; one is slightly larger then my first hoop and is white, blue, and green; and the third seems monstrously large (it reaches from the floor to my bra line), is black with alternating patches of colour, and makes noise like a rain-maker (I added a couple of handfulls of popcorn kernels to the pipe before I closed it up).

And now I’m learning that you can find all kinds of amazing tapes online to decorate hoops, including sparkly tape – the possibilities are endless!  Poor Tyler is going to come home from Dawson to find our house over-run with hula hoops.  Of course – I still need to work on my actually hula hooping skills – but that is definately on the way – I kept a hula hoop up for three minutes straight yesterday!  For now, I’m just really excited about making hoops.

My four completed hula hoops

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