The Craft Project

I Love to Hula Hoop!

I feel like I have just survived some of the most jam-packed few days of the summer so far.  On Wednesday, we went running, had a bar-b-que, and partied it up for my dear friend Stephanie’s stagette with lots of dancing and karoke.  Thursday saw me teaching yoga to a group of 9-12 year old girls, picking my friend Derek up at the airport to hang out for a couple of days before he headed out to do some geology fieldwork, playing our first game of the Dustball softball tournament (which we lost 12-3), and rocking out to my friend Alex’s concert (you can learn more about him at the James Murdoch Band website).  On Friday we played three more softball games (we lost the first one 26-6 which firmly placed us in the C league…at which point we actually started to win), went fishing and canoeing with my Dad (which included the need to portage hung over and resulted in stealing the only fish we “caught” from a loon), and went wild at Stephanie’s and John’s wedding.  Saturday we played two more softball games, visited my parents for dinner, and danced all night to our friend Tim’s dj-ing.  Then today we had to be on the softball field freezing to death at 7:45 am for our final game (we came third which was pretty exciting, since coming into the tournament we weren’t completely sure we’d win a single game), watched the World Cup final (I was so happy that Spain won), finally napped, grabbed dinner with my parents, and packed (I fly to Ottawa for 4 days tomorrow at 6:55 am).  I am so completely exhausted it’s ridiculous!

But what do you ask, does any of this have to do with hula hoops?  Well, in between all of those aqctivities, whenever there was some downtime I was hula hooping.  In fact at one point I hula hooped for an hour straight (without dropping the hoop) on a dock waiting for our fishing party to get organized.  It turns out when you have a hoop that fits you, it’s actually really easy to hula hoop – plus I’m rapidly finding out that it’s a really good ab work out.  The next step is to learn some tricks.  I’ve become just a wee bit obsessive about checking out all the fantastic things you can do with hula hoops on the internet.  Check out Hoop Girl to give you just a taste of what’s out there.  I’ll be bringing my hoops with me to the Dawson City Music Festival next weekend – maybe I’ll be able to learn some trick there – I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime it’s time to start thinking about next week’s project.  I believe oragami is calling my name…

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