The Craft Project

Why Make a Crane When You Could Make a Dragon?

Week Five

This week I will be creating a centerpiece from origami…but not just any origami…mythical creature origami.  I found a book I’m really excited about that lays out the instructions for making a whole range of mythical creatures in origami (a wee bit more exciting than the frogs and cranes you get taught in elementary school).  I’d been toying with the idea of a paper craft project for the last couple of weeks, and the discovery of this book led me to decide that this was the week (the decision was coupled to the fact that I’m spending most of my week in Ottawa for the Climate Action Network’s board meeting and strategy session, and the last few days of the week at the Dawson City Music Festival – so I needed a portable craft).  I plan to use my fleeting spare moments this week to fold an army of mythical creatures which I will (somehow) combine into a centerpiece by week’s end (I have the desire to use candles – I’m sure you can foresee how this could be an issue – but I have faith that a stroke of genius will come to me and resolve the potential issue of burning the house down).

Wish me luck!

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