The Craft Project

I Have Crafter’s ADD

It’s official – I have crafter’s ADD.  I was over at my parent’s house last night to watch So You Think You Can Dance with my mom (I’ll admit it, I’m addicted).  I brought my origami with me to work on, but knowing that I’m not yet a profficient enough folder of tiny pieces of paper to watch television while making little mythical creatures, I also brought my knitting bag (in most cases, I can manage to knit while watching TV – although I will admit that sometimes it doesn’t work so well and results in me watching my mother rip things out and making me begin again).

So while the show was actually on, I was knitting.  I’m making this super cute hat designed by Debbie Stoller (of Stich ‘N Bitch legend), and made from her new line of wool – Stich Nation (Alpaca Love in Peacock Feather to be precise).  You can download the free pattern here, in case you’d also like to make a super cute hat.  I’ve been working on the hat on and off for about a week, and it’s taught me some new skills including short-row shaping and knitting in the round (who knew how easy that was….what I want to know now is why not all knitting happens in the round).

The hat that I am currently knitting.

Today brought on the biggest challenge yet – cables.  I’ve learned from experience that when learning a new knitting technique it is best to actually focus – and it’s also good to get mom to show me how it’s done.  So for the later part of the show, and for a while afterwards while mom knitted up a sample to explain cables to me – I had to sit still and stop knitting.  But I don’t sit still well.  And, the aforementioned need to pay attention to what mom was teaching me (and the hip hop on the screen) meant that I couldn’t work on origami.  So I decided to throw a third element into the mix.

I picked up a big bag of roving the other day from Louet.  It has this beautiful variegated dye pattern of reds, purples, and blues that they call field berries.  And it’s a massive amount – which means that I’ll be able to knit something really exciting out of it.  So while I learned to knit cables, watched dancing, and considered my next move in the origami project, I started to spin a new ball of wool on a drop spindle.

I have to say that working with roving instead of batt is pretty fancy – it’s allowing me to spin a consistsent worsted weight yarn.  The more I learn about spinning the more I want to make and dye my own batts and roving (and of course spin my own yarn out of those).  Learning about dyeing is definately moving up the Craft Project priority list.

So quickly to recap the current projects:

1) Week Five: an origami centrepiece

2) Week Five and a Bit: A large ball of handspun wool

3) Week Five and a Bit More: A very cute cabled hat

4) Yes – I realise I haven’t said anything about a fourth project – but I thought I should throw into the mix that after an intensive 2 hour hula hooping session at the Dawson City Music Festival, that included the spinning of multiple hoops, Meagan and I are toying with the idea of making weighted hula hoops for a better work out – I’ll keep you posted.

So I spun until the top of my drop spinle went flying across the room (due to the amount of yarn on the spindle pushing it off).  I’m now looking at my spindle lying on the floor, trying to unwind, and attached to a massive pile of roving I still need to spin.  I’ll have to unwind the spun yarn onto something else (a wooden flute perhaps) and then re-wind it again (probably onto my dining room chair so I can get the yardage I’ve already completed), before I can start spinning again – but I’ll leave that for the morning as it is now dark outside – and in the Yukon in July that’s a very solid sign that I should already be in bed.

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