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You Two Should Join the Circus

Tyler and I went to the beach yesterday with a big group of friends.  We had a fire, complete with veggie dogs and marshmallows, played frisbee while we swam, and spent some quality time with some of the hula hoops I made.  My hooping skills have improved greatly since I began – I can now keep two hoops going at once (if I had more hoops of equal sizes I think I could get more going).  Meanwhile, Tyler, who has always been a talented juggler was trying to figure out how to juggle hula hoops (he decided smaller hoops were needed to fit the bill).  All of our playing around led our friends to decide that the two of us should really just head out and join the circus.

Although the circus is unlikely – the beach antics did lead me to start planning some new hula hoops.  As I said, if I had enough hoops of equal size I think I could keep more than two going at once – I think my ultimate goal should be to spin 6 at once in fact.  So that means I need 4 more hoops with the equal diameter of the two of my hoops that I can currently spin together.  On top of that, Tyler’s juggling made me decide that I need to make him 3 small hoops that he can juggle with.  And finally, at Meagan’s request I’m going to try and make weighted hula hoops to work out with – my plan is to fill them with sand – which I think I’ll be stealing from Army Beach where we hung out last night since it’s the cleanest sand I’ve come across in the Yukon.  Of course, in order to make all of these hoops I’m going to need fun new tapes to decorate them with.  I made an order for a whole range of tapes yesterday – glow in the dark tape, sparkly tape, mirrored tape, etc., etc. – and am now impatiently waiting for them to arrive.  If you’re looking for tape to decorate hoops in Canada you can order online from Hoop Tape Canada.  Another great online source is Identi-Tape (use the discount code “hula hula” for orders over $100 for 15% off).

While I’m waiting for my pretty tape collection to arrive I’m also scheming new upcoming craft projects – and I received some inspiration today from an unlikely source.  I spent most of the day in a stakeholder engagement session trying to work out how to deal with recycling and backhauling programs across the three northern territories (in one of my non-Craft Project roles I sit on the Yukon Government’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee).  The group facilitating today’s session – the Summerhill Group – used the coolest paperclips I have ever seen (I acknowledge that my obsession with the paperclips may indicate that I was not 100% focussed throughout all portions of the meeting, but I am supposed to be on vacation right now, so I feel justified in my distraction).  Anyways these paperclips are perfect silver spirals – they’re beautiful – and so in the final session of the day when we did a roundtable surveying everyone’s impressions of the day I asked that if anyone who didn’t want their paperclips if they could give them to me (might as well be honest about my attention span right?) and was rewarded with a handfull.  My plan is to build them into jewelry.

I’m going to couple my paperclips to a few other jewelry plans.  Those include my “the knife ran away with the spoon pieces” which I’m going to try and put together from forks which I bend into cool patterns (Tyler and I are going garage sale hunting on Saturday for forks…along with records for Tyler’s vinyl collection and knitting needles for me).  My other plan is coupled to a trip I’m taking with the girls next week.  My girlfriend Denise is getting married in Hawaii in March – in preparation we’re flying to Vancouver next weekend to buy the wedding dress.  After we get the dress we’re hanging out on Granville Island – which has a very exciting bead store where I plan to stock up.

And the scheming continues…

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