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Vancouver in 55.5 Hours

Last week was intense, chaotic, and stressful.  On Thursday (the 5th) I needed to sit down and have an in-person committee meeting about my long-lasting masters thesis (I’m embarassed to say that it will have stretched to the 4 year mark by the time I actually defend – although in my defense I’ve worked full-time for most of it and my thesis supervisor is a jet-setter of extreme degree – he was away from home for 300 days last year to give you some sense).  In the extensive time I’ve been ploughing through my thesis I’ve never actually had a committee meeting (don’t tell Simon Fraser University – they’d be really upset at everyone involved if they knew) – so in many ways this was an unprecedented event.  I wanted to be as prepared as possible for that meeting and so I had to put everything else to the side, besides work of course (I apologize to my loyal Craft Project followers for this), and hammer out my final revisions (for the most part things like “increase the font size in this figure”…which doesn’t sound too bad until you have to do it for about 60 figures).  By the time I walked into my meeting I had 5 figures left to revise (which I’ll be finishing right after I write this blog post – hey it’s important to put the Craft Project first when I can) and the weight had floated off my shoulders.  By the time I left the meeting we had a schedule to take me through the defense (I’m sending in my final copy today, my supervisor is giving the okay by the end of the week, the committee gets it to the end of September, the external gets it to the end of October, and then I defend…which means everything is off my plate from today until the defense) and I was elated.  But I had no time to stop and celebrate because I had to pack…to go wedding dress shopping for one of my good friends in Vancouver.

We had a group of 6 girls going down to Vancouver from Whitehorse – flying out Friday morning, returning Sunday night – exactly 55.5 hours on-the-ground in the big city in total.  In that time we needed to: find and order a wedding dress; go to Cirque de Soleil’s Kooza; go to the championship bout of the Terminal City Roller Girls; collect craft supplies from Granville Island and various thrift stores; visit my friend’s handmade broom shop that she’s just open on Granville Island (I’m so proud of her); and buy jeans, bras, work clothes, and dresses and accessories for some upcoming weddings.  All of this on public transit that took us literally back and forth across major swaths of the Lower Mainland.  In other words, we have re-defined ambitious.

And we pulled it off!  The dress, predictably, took up the major portion of two full days, and was an exhausting and stressful process for Denise (the bride).  Denise is very well-endowed in the cleavage department and we were stunned at how many dresses she put on that would have severally challenged even the most professional officiant to look her in the eye.  But we did find the perfect one eventually – and the way her face lit up when she put it on was simply magical.  I have to refrain from describing it here (as much as I would like to) in case her fiancee were to stumble upon this post – but I promise lots of pictures after the wedding day.

Cirque de Soleil was amazing, and made me wish that I could take circus arts again (I dabbled at the Vancouver Circus School when I was still living down south, but sadly Whitehorse doesn’t have any equivalent program).  It also reminded me that my hula hooping skills have a long way to go yet (I watched a girl stand on one hand while spinning two hoops on each arm, two on her waist, two on her chest, two on her knees and two on her ankles…makes my “I can spin three hoops at once” slightly less impressive).  And the derby bout was so my fun – we had front row suicide seating (on the floor next to the track where there is a possibility that skaters will fall into you).  Luludemon, the jammer of the team who came in second is my new derby hero – she can weave and jump through a pack so gracefully that it looks like dancing.  For those of you not familiar with derby, the jammer is the player whose job it is to make it through the pack of the rest of the skaters on the track (without getting taken out) – for every player of the opposing team she passes she scores a point for her team – I’d love to be a jammer eventually – but I need to get more agile on my skates first.

And then there was the craft shopping (she giggles with glee).  I have so many new things to play with I hardly know where to start.  I have a giant bag of ties from the thrift store to make skirts; and cake decorating tools, beads and jewelry findings, and origami paper from Granville Island.  Combining that with the piles of supplies that have been rolling in from my online buying binge (Tyler has been managing to refrain from rolling his eyes because he knows how important this is to me) and I have  a huge stash of supplies to create to my hearts content!  I’m gloriously excited…and I guess I should get started.

Animals with Supplies

My stuffed animals take some time to explore the new stash of craft supplies

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  1. Laura Tozer

    CONGRATS on the scheduling of the defense Amber! I just made Adam read through my whole thesis last weekend to edit it and I’m headed to a September defense myself. It must feel great to have that weight off your shoulders and have it the hands of your committee.

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