The Craft Project

The New Abbey Road

So the second Threadcakes design is done (I may be getting slightly addicted to this process…plus painting cakes makes for exciting lunch hours).  I feel confident in saying that the quality of this cake has upped my first attempt.

This cake was based on a design from Threadless called “The Beetles”.

The Beetles design from Threadless

To make the cake I covered a vanilla circular cake with icing and stuck it in the fridge over night to firm up.  This morning I sat down with black food colouring and painted the Abbey Road scene onto the cake.  The food colouring bleeds a little bit when painting on the icing, but I like the effect in this case, so it was all good.

Then I sat down with a lump of fondant and some food colouring and started sculpting.  I turned on the Mummy DVD while I was sculpting for inspiration on my beetles.  They were a lot of fun to put together – I encourage everyone to try working with fondant (it really is just like clay, except that it gets sticky when you’ve worked it too much or it gets too hot…but hey, it wouldn’t really be fun if there was no challenge in it at all.

You can check out photos of the process and the finished design below.  You can also follow this link to the Threadcakes entry:

I’ve got one more cake to go, and this one’s a doozy.  It’s a good thing we’re at the start of a long weekend (for those of you not from the Yukon – this weekend we celebrate Discovery Days – in other words the day gold was discovered in the Klondike, sparking the gold rush and bring people north in droves).  I think Tyler may do a time lapse of the building of this final cake, so you’ll have that to look forward to soon.  And now – back to the oven.

Icing the cake (in my not so clean house)

The painted cake surface

The white beetle before its painted detailing was done

Adding details with black food colouring

A view of the four beetles

The finsihed cake ready to eat

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