The Craft Project

Creating a Space

So the more I expand the Craft Project, the more I’ve come to realise the need for a space of my own – a space to be inspired; to create; to spread out supplies without limiting our ability to eat dinner, cook or sit on the couch; to make uniquely mine – essentially I need a studio.  The issue being I live in a two bedroom apartment, that although is quite spacious as far as two bedroom apartments go, still didn’t lend itself to an obvious studio space.

This was because Tyler’s office was in the second bedroom, which was also filled with all the boxes of random things that haven’t been unpacked since our move home to Whitehorse (I’m sure you all know exactly the type of boxes I’m talking about…everyone has them, usually stored away in storage lockers or deep in closets, and every time you settle in filled with determination to really sort it out this time, you get discouraged the second you peer inside and hide it back away again).  Tyler is a bit of a claustophobic worker – he has a hard time working if someone else is working in the same room (something I learned the hard way many years ago when we attempted to put our desks in the same room – never again will I make that mistake) – so my desk is in the bedroom – which is also, logically enough, filled with all of the accoutrements one might expect in the bedroom – so no studio space there.  Which leaves a dining room and living room and kitchen – I’m sure you see the obvious limitations there.  So did I…which resulted in a small fit in the middle of the living room on Saturday afternoon.

At this point I should mention Tyler’s mind-boggling grasp of common sense – and my potential lack of the same quality.  Where I saw a completely insurmountable situation which could only be resolved by moving, which is not at this moment an option, leaving me with only one option – the aforementioned fit in the living room – Tyler saw a really easy fix: he would take over my desk in the bedroom, I would get his (and the accompanying spare room), which then I could clean, sort, organize and make as girly as I humanly could – turning it into my studio.  I need to give the boy some props – he is a clever one.

And so that’s what I’ve been steadily doing over the last few days.  It’s been a lot of fun – Tyler and our friends Kieran and Kyle have been laughing at me – they say they didn’t even realise I was in possession of as much pink as is now in display in that room – but it’s all good – I’m gloriously happy.  It will take me a few more days to get it all sorted (there are still some boxes which truly scare me, although I am making headway – good thing it’s raining outside, otherwise I’d find many excuses to not get around to the remnant boxes), at which point I’ll put up photos for you all to check out.  And I’m already at the point where I can work in the room – and I love it!

Oh and for those of you waiting on the last cake – never fear, it’s underway (it’s bloodly complicated) – your patience will be awarded with a video shortly.

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