The Craft Project

This is How We Sew the Book, Sew the Book, Sew the Book

I checked out a free workshop today at Arts Underground by demonstrating artist in residence April Clyburne-Sherin.  The workshop was an hour introduction to bookbinding in which we created a small leather-bound, hand-stitched book.  The workshop represented a lively subset of the community – a mother and daughter, a teacher, a range of practicing artists (all female) – and I enjoyed the company and the lesson very much.

Amy was a patient teacher, who shared insights from the wide world of bookbinding with us as we worked.  She was particularily excited about the New York Centre for Book Arts, which definately looks like it’s worth checking out if I ever make it to that city.  The book we made was a tiny leather-bound volume with parchment pages and hand-spun fine linen yarn.  I found that the art of bookbinding really suited me, and made sense to my hands – some of my fellow participants found the opposite unfortunately – but I believe everyone really enjoyed themselves, which is all that really matters.

This tiny introductory project opened up all kinds of possibilities in my mind for ways I could take the techniques I learned and apply them in different settings – thank you April for the inspiration and learning!

The small leather-bound book I created

A vertical view of the book showing the parchment pages and the stiching along the book's spine

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