The Craft Project

Announcing…The Studio

Yesterday was a fantastic day.  As it was cold and foggy in the morning (a drastic change from the last few weeks of 35 degrees plus and sunshine) Tyler and I had breakfast in bed while reading books and craft magazines.  Then I got up, got motivated and finished putting together my studio!  I’m so excited, I’m sitting in it right now to type up this blog.  It feels amazing to have such a perfect space to imagine and create – I owe Tyler a huge debt of gratitude for re-locating his work area into the bedroom – although he doesn’t seem to mind having his desk so close to the bed (although he may be napping more,it’s hard to say for sure).  After I finished creating the studio, Tyler and I had a fantastic dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and headed out to the Debutante’s Brawl – the first ever fundraiser the Yukon Roller Girls have put on.  I spent the night skating around a bar in a mini skirt and fishnets coaxing money out of the hands of inebrieted patrons, and dancing (well sort of…dancing is hard in skates) to a local rockabilly group – we had so much fun (and made a good chunk of change for the club as well).  I finished my evening (morning) on a dock on Schwatka Lake with a few friends who are up visiting for a couple of weeks from Vancouver.  You have to love days when you’re given so many reasons to smile.

And now to share some photos of my new space with you:

My desk and bookcase where many of my supplies and books are organized

A close-up of the bookcase - check out the Onceler's House that Tyler built me on the top shelf, modelled after my favourite Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax

The bulletin board that I created for my studio space - the silver and purple boards are magnetic wipe boards, the yellow photo board was created by wrapping foam in fabric and ribbon, the hearts are cookie cutters lined with paper, the quote running around the outside edge is Puck's final speech at the close of Midsummer Night's Dream, and the frame was painted with silver spray paint (I should stress that this is in no way related to the suspicous silver rectangle now residing in my buildings' visitor parking area)

Ribbons, buttons and yarn galore

My futon (which I recovered), supply storage, and fantastic Emily Martin (aka the Black Apple) prints hung with ribbon

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