The Craft Project

Flowers From Ties

Now that I have a studio space I find that I’m starting to host crafting and art dates with various friends.  Yesterday my friends Ruth and Meagan came over.  They were both working on ‘zines(they have plans to try and start a ‘zine exchange here in Whitehorse were people from across town prepare ‘zines and then meet up to exchange and share them – when they put the call out to participate on ArtsNet I’ll be sharing it here for all of you as well – I’ll be participating for sure).  As the two of them cursed the difficulty of drawing bikes, ferries, and men with long hair (without them looking too feminine), I sat down with a needle, thread and a tie from my collection.

I had this vision the other day that you could turn a tie into a rose to accent bags, skirts, jackets, and belts, or to be used on a clip or hairband – and I was convinced I could figure out how to design it.  It took some trial and error – as the girls worked with felt pens and pencil crayons – I folded and unfolded my tie trying to figure out the best way to pull it together.  I started to sew once I had a general plan in place – the secret is to start the centre with the narrow portion of the tie, turn the fabric over as you work, and start layering onto the back of the flower as you reach the thickest part.  I’m really pleased how it turned out, and I think I’ll make some more in the near future.

Here it is:

My rose built out of a tie

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