The Craft Project

Jars of Buttons

It’s been a few days since I last had a chance to write a blog post.  I feel like I’ve been overwhelmed with preparing for the course I’m teaching at the college (the first class was today), sorting through work, and balancing my extra-curriculars (for example I may have forgotten that I’m running a half marathon on Sunday – oops!).  By the end of today I was feeling flustered and had the sense that my to do list was going to completely engulf me (it is currently two pages long and seems to grow instead of shrink as I tick things off).  I needed to find something that would pull me away from my laptop and my calendar and let me work with my hands for a while.

So I turned to my colourful collection of buttons and started to create jewelry.  As you may have noticed by now I have a love of creating fashion items out of unexpected sources – skirts from ties and suit jackets for example – and so I love the juxtaposition created from jewelry made of buttons instead of beads.  And they’re colurful.  And they’re fast to make (as long as you cut your elastic thread long enough – you would think that by age 29 I would know to always cut a longer length than you think you need – but apparently I don’t, resulting in my having to recreate the first bracelet of the evening twice so that I had enough space left on the line to tie it off).  And buttons are so unique, making each piece unique as well.

By the time I had done playing I had an armful of bracelets and I was feeling happy and grounded again.  I can go safely back to the list now without pulling out my hair and running for the hills (although I’ll probably dodge it for a bit longer, use up one of my stack of banked days at work, and go salmon fishing with my Dad tomorrow).

Beading with buttons on the futon in my studio

Stringing buttons for a bracelet

Pretty in pink

The first three bracelets I created

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