The Craft Project

In the Immortal Words of Fatboy Slim “Do the Can-Can-Can”

What does the Yukon and Moulin Rouge have in common?  If you guessed a penchant for alcoholism you wouldn’t be far off, but the real answer is can-can dancers.  That’s right, my home territory loves our gold rush history, and as part of that, we love our can-can dancers.  The try outs for this year’s can-can line just happened (that’s right can-can dancing is so popular it’s actually incredibly competitve to join the can-can line).  I’ve been wanting to join the line forever, but haven’t been around for enough of the year in the past to even consider joining – I thought this year might be my chance, but alas, they are practicing at exactly the same time as roller derby (and I just can’t give up derby) and they need you to be in town from October through February, no exceptions, and I need to lead the Canadian Youth Delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Negotiations in Cancun at the end of the year – so no dice.  So I’ll have to wait another year.  Sigh.  The good news however is that my friend Sofia made the line and I’m super excited for her.  As a celebration I decided I’d start making garters.

I’ve been toying with the idea of designing garters for a while now – in fact I’ve been collecting cool ribbons, lace, fabric and garage sale sparkly trinkets specifically for the purpose.  My initial inspiration for designing garters came from the fact that I was really frustrated with how few cool garters there are out there (and by “few” I really mean “none”) – I mean what is a can-can dancer, roller derby girl, bride, or temptress supposed to do to be unique around here when every garter on the market looks mass produced and just not that cool (apparently the garter designers of the world did not get the memo that a solid colour piece of satin and some lace isn’t that original).  The more thought I gave this, the more it bugged me, leading to the decision that I could single-handedly save the population of sexy original chicks out there who refuse to conform in every other way of their lives – and therefore shouldn’t have to conform when it comes to their garters.

And so, today I started my quest and sewed my first garter.  It took some time (I don’t have a sewing machine so all of my design work currently gets done by hand), but it was worth it.  My first garter experiment is unique and funky and makes me super happy.  Tyler peering over my shoulder at one point even said, “that’s really good – I bet you could sell a bunch of those for Rendezvous”.  For those of you from outside the Yukon, the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous is the Territory’s winter festival and celebration of all things gold rush including dog sledding, flour packing, chain saw chucking, and yes, you guessed it, can-can dancing.

I’m boldened by my first successful garter, and am already scheming my next few.  Rest assured that every single garter I make will be unique and different – afterall someone’s got to look out for all us girls who don’t want to blend in with the crowd.

My very first garter

Up close and personal

Modelling my garter with my derby gear. Fishnets, knee highs, a tiny skirt and a garter - best sport ever!



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