The Craft Project

Happy Halloween

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

We threw a giant Halloween party last night – it raged all night and well past the wee hours of the morning, and was filled with a very colourful cast of characters including crocdiles, bears, the god Pan, walruses, pixies, vikings, Walmart shoppers, pirates, wood nymphs, wrestlers, hipsters, shrubbery, road kill, Cruella Deville, muskateers, Betty Boop, gypsies, a flamingo that looked a little like a transvestite with a lawn ornament on his head, and a giant penis (not entirely well thought out – he could neither move nor sit, although he did receive many hugs which seemed to make up for the complete lack of mobility).  Tyler and I had a blast setting up for the event.  Every inch of the house was decorated and we carved four pumpkins, including one for the Threadkins contest (Threadless’ pumpkin carving competition).  I hope you enjoy the photos from the event and had a wonderful Halloween yourself.

The Threadkins pumpkin design based on the pelican oil slick design Threadless put out as a fundraiser for the Gulf oil spill

The Threadless design the Threadkins pumpkin design is based on

The Stay Puff Mashmallow Man from Ghostbusters

The double sided Gremlins pumpkin

The scraped front of the double sides Gremlins pumpkin

Tyler's crocodile costume

Me in my pixie costume with my friend Kirsten in her "How to Train Your Dragon" viking inspired costume

Home made bear and walrus masks of the "civilized beasts" as seen through the mouth of a crocodile

The god Pan joins the party


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