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A Yummy Treat for a Winter’s Day

White chocolate-almond-pistachio-cranberry bark

The snow is falling outside – it has been all day. The fluffy white blankets covering the landscape are a truly welcome change. For the most part the snow has been really late this year – this is the first snowfall of the season that looks like it’s here to stay, whereas normally children in Whitehorse need extra large Halloween costumes, so that they can wear them over their snow suits to stay warm while tramping through drifts to trick-or-treat. I haven’t had a good chance to go outside and play in the fluffy snow yet – unfortunately my work load seems never ending at the moment – but when Tyler returns from defending his masters thesis in Vancouver on Saturday (he did fantastically by the way – I’m so proud of him) you can be sure I’ll be out there playing. In the mean time, I thought I’d put together a treat to celebrate the wintery weather.

Apple cider in an apple cup


I made white chocolate almond-pistachio-cranberry bark today (we’re back into the season where celebrating red and green is in high style) and coupled it with apple cider…wait for it….in an apple cup. I cut the top off the apple, hollowed it out, brushed it with some lemon juice to keep it from browning, and then filled it with apple cider, cloves and cinamon sticks (I think garnishing it with star anise as well would look beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t have any in my spice rack at the moment). I’m so excited about it – I think this is how I’ll be serving apple cider for my holiday parties this year. To make the bark, I simply covered a pan in wax paper, sprinkled almonds, pistachios, and dried cranberries across the wax paper, and poured melted white chocolate over the top, spreading it out with a spatula. I let it cool in the fridge and then broke the bark up (covering my hand with wax paper so as not to re-melt the chocolate and leave sticky fingerprints on the finished product). It’s so delicous that I need an excuse to make more…stocking stuffers anyone?

After you're done your cider, you can eat the cup - the cider seasons it and makes it super tasty

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