The Craft Project

A Crafter’s View of the Climate Negotiations

As some of you know, another major element of my life involves working on climate change, doing my small part to make a difference in the world.  Today I’m travelling to Cancun to lead the Canadian Youth Delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Meetings.  The team is a diverse and amazingly talented group of Canadian young people representing every region of the country ranging in age from 18-30, and I am deeply honoured and privileged to be leading them.

I wanted to share this with you today because from now, until my return on December 12th I’m going to be very, very busy…and although I have a couple of projects stashed away in my suitcase to help keep me healthy, happy, and sane, I doubt that I will have a lot of time for crafts.  That does not mean however that I won’t be blogging.  You see…I have a small friend travelling with me.

Sir Mal of Aria - photojournalist and eyes on the inside at the UN for crafters everywhere

Let me introduce you to Sir Mal of Aria.  He is a small fuzzy version of a malaria virus…but a much cuter and happier one.  And he feels duty bound to keep all of my loyal readers entertained while I run around conference centers trying to save the world.  So he’s going to be taking pictures to share each day with you from the meetings of a “crafter’s view of the United Nations Climate Change Negotiations”.  He’ll be manning the camera inside the building, taking pictures of all of the cool, amazing and inspiring use of art and craft in the meetings to hopefully inspire all of you.

I hope you enjoy his work and that it inspires you to pay attention to what’s happening in Cancun as world leaders try to reach a fair, ambitious, and legally-binding climate agreement.

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