The Craft Project

Filling the Void with an Ipod

Ipod mixed media work in honour of winter - the antithesis of the climate I'm currently hanging out in.

So after Sir Mal of Aria’s promise to keep you all updated on the art and craft inside the conference centre at the United Nations Climate Change Negotiations, we ran into a snag…well two snags.  The first was pretty major.  Due to a computer glitch there has been a problem with the Canadian Youth Delegation’s accreditation and we aren’t inside yet…making it hard to take any photos (keep your fingers crossed that gets resolved – I’m pulling out every political connection I have to get us in there asap).  The second is it turns out Cancun’s internet infrastructure isn’t really up to the task of handling the convergence of 30,000 people who never disconnect.  So our internet has been down…but that we managed to fix today.  I’ve been doing some mixed media work on my ipod to keep me sane while I wait for bureaucracy to run its course and grant us access to the conference buildings.  So I thought I’d share it here.  Keep tuned – hopefully we’ll be inside tomorrow.

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