The Craft Project

On the Wings of a Giant Bird Puppet

Cam Grey models one of the partially completed puppets - eventually there will be an entire body covered with messages on feathers (like those on the wings)

Great news!  I heard an hour ago that the disaster with our accreditation has been sorted out.  This means that first thing tomorrow morning the Canadian Youth Delegation will be inside the UN Negotiations (and a huge crushing weight lifts off my shoulders).  In preparation for our time inside some of our team has been building a giant bird puppet.  The puppet is built out of amazing messages from school children all across Canada that we collected on fabric feathers cut out of bed sheets about what they want Canada’s future to be like in 25 years.  I want to share here with you some of the images of the puppets in construction and some of the beautiful messages young Canadians have put together.  I also want to give a shout out to Erica Nickels, a self-proclaimed stalker of the Craft Project, who has coordinated these amazing creations.

A second bird puppet head currently under construction

A beautiful message from a Canadian young person

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