The Craft Project

Back to the Crafting

A set of Christmas cards I put together for holiday card swaps

Well I’ve returned to Whitehorse after successfully surviving the United Nations Climate Change Meetings (a shout out to Sir Mal for his fantastic photo blogging of the meetings while I was running around Cancun like crazy).  As always the negotiations were draining and exhausting (on a good night I was getting 4-5 hours of sleep), but I feel like some forward momentum was made, which makes the whole process worthwhile.  I’m now home in Whitehorse after 24 hours of flying and a 60 degree temperature change (plus 30 C to minus 30 C is hard).  My focus this week is finishing up my position with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (my last day of work is on Friday), cleaning up some thesis revisions, recovery from Cancun (sleep is definitely a big priority right now), and re-aligning myself in preparation for my post-Friday lifestyle (almost full time art, crafts, sports and reflection here I come).

Ribbon, buttons, embroidery floss, and coloured papers were used to create the cards

To kick-start myself back into craft mode I spent part of yesterday preparing a set of handmade Christmas cards as my contribution to the Creative Collective Handmade Christmas Card Swap and the Brooklyn Bride Christmas Card Swap.  I created 10 cards (5 for each swap) using embroidery, buttons, and paper craft.  Each card is unique which makes them feel more authentic (at least to me).  I dropped the cards in the mail yesterday and they are now winging their ways throughout the United States and Australia.  I’ll be sure to share the cards I receive in return with all of you once they arrive in my mailbox.

Cards are now on their way to my fellow swappers across the United Sates and Australia

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