The Craft Project

Garlands Galore

Three Christmas garlands woven together to create the overall effect

The Christmas decorating continues to tick slowly along, with pretty new elements appearing around the house daily.  Today those new elements were a series of garlands I have spent the last couple of days making and putting together.  I actually strung together three garlands to create this effect.  Two were made of felt, while the third was made of buttons.  The button garland simply involved stringing hundreds of white, red, and green buttons together (it took a while, but it was dead easy).  The felt garlands were equally easy (hardly any sewing needed).  I cut two inch wide strips of white, red, and green felt using my rotary cutter.  I then cut one inch lines every second inch down the center of each strip (ie. a cut  between the 2 and 3 inch mark, the 4 and 5 inch mark, the 6 and 7 inch mark, etc.).  I then put two strips of felt in different colours together (red and white or red and green), matching up the cuts in the center.  I pulled the ends of the felt through the first cut, and then on down the line through the second, third, etc.  This created the pretty scalloped effect.  I then stitched the strips together to create a longer garland.  Once all three garlands were created I wrapped them loosely around each other to create the final effect.

Two garlands were created from felt, the third from buttons

Pulling the felt through cuts in the center of the strips created a pretty scalloped effect

The overall effect

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