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Yes, the tips are now pink. My mother's direct quote, "it looks fantastic honey, but does this mean you're relapsing into your punk-rock-girl phase?"

Today I finished work with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition.  I have loved my almost two years as National Director of the organization, am terribly proud of the work we have accomplished, and deeply value the friendships I have made along the way, but it’s now time for me to move forward.  I was reaching  a point of burn out; I was missing actually seeing my husband and my home town (as glamorous as it sounds to travel places like Cancun and Copenhagen for work, it gets old quick when what you really want to be doing is tobogganing in the fresh snow in Whitehorse); I was craving new experiences, challenges, and adventures; and I strongly believe in building the capacity of the Canadian youth climate movement as a whole, and in order to do that I firmly believe that turn-over needs to happen at the highest levels of leadership so that others can benefit from similar experiences to those that I have been exposed to.  It was a hard decision to reach (I still worry even now that I may be abandoning the movement) but once it was made I felt such relief that I knew it was the right choice.

This change couples to a number of others: I completed my contract for the Canadian Parks Council including the 40-something page behemoth report; I finished marking my student’s final exams and submitted their semester’s grades (I will be teaching another cohort of geography students at Yukon College beginning in January – a girl still needs to pay the rent after all); and I submitted my final thesis revisions to my supervisory committee.  What this all means is that as of now I’m completely and utterly free.  Free to do whatever I can hope, imagine or dream (to celebrate I dyed the tips of my hair pink today – no fancy meetings in my immediate future that prevent pink hair).

So what will I do?  Well, that’ s still in the works.  I need to take some time to recover, reflect, and think…things that if I’m honest I haven’t given myself time to do in a very, very long time.  I will be throwing myself deeply into the Craft Project and Raven Mad Designs which I’m so excited about (I’m dreaming of producing my own mixed media gallery show…but we’ll take that one step at a time).  In January I’ll be taking part in the Brave Girl’s Club‘s first ever online cohort (keep your eyes on the blog for more on this in the new year).  I’m re-committing to yoga (with the hope that I can save up my pennies and take on my next level of yoga instructing in July….on a month-long retreat on a Greek island…keep your fingers crossed firmly for me on that one).  I’ve agreed to become the head coach for Special Olympics Yukon’s athletics program, so I expect to be spending a lot of time with my inspiring athletes helping them to reach their goals.  I’m going to try and finish up that novel I started a while ago that some of you may remember from earlier blog posts.  I’m going to play in the snow – a lot.  And I think I’m going to sit still (well at least for the five minutes that I can before I get bored and find 20 other things to do).  Wish me luck!

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