The Craft Project

You Win Some, You Lose Some (Really, Really Badly)

So the force of gravity and I had a disagreement tonight, and as is often the case in these situations, gravity won, and I was left to sweep up the disaster.  I was trying, rather unsuccessfully I might add, to make a wreath out of Christmas ornaments.  It wasn’t turning out as well as I had imagined it – there was definitely a design flaw in there somewhere (it didn’t look so much like a wreath as a misshapen clump).  If anyone out there has a sure-fire method for creating a wreath out of Christmas balls I’d love to hear about it.  Anyways I was trying to readjust a few of the ornaments to help even out the shape when one fell off and broke.  “Alright,” I thought, “you win some, you lose some.”  A minute later another ball fell off and smashed to sparkly, green dust on my floor.  At this point, most normal people would have taken this as sign…but not me…I stubbornly soldiered on….only to witness the entire wreath slip from its knot and shatter, covering my entire floor with sharp shards of red and green.  Even I had to take that as a sign.




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