The Craft Project

It’s Better to Give than Receive

As we get down into the last 48 hours before Christmas (yikes – that’s a scary thought) I’ve been prepping presents and cards (yes, I know the cards should have been sent out ages ago, but I have never managed to send Christmas cards out on time, and I wouldn’t want to ruin my perfect record now).  I wrote Tyler’s and my annual Christmas letter today (and had a lot of fun with with the design – I’ve just discovered the exciting world of digital scrapbooking…I think I’m in love).  I was trying to sum up the major highlights of an entire year with the smallest amount of text possible – you can let me know if you think I succeeded (I was trying to be lazy…but ultimately this may have taken more work…I understand now why Dr. Seuss said it takes much more work to write a short children’s story than a novel).

And then I got to play with the wrapping.  I’ve always loved wrapping.  Secretly I think it stems from unwrapping every present at my parent’s friends’ wedding with my brother when we were one and two – we were discovered in a heap of paper and ribbons deviously giggling – upon reflection I feel I should take this moment to publicly apologize for that, it must have been a nightmare to try and write the thank you cards.  Anyways I was going for a natural feeling with this year’s wrapping (well except for the red sparkles highlighting people’s initials on the gifts (I wouldn’t want to live in a world that didn’t have sparkles).  And now on to the gingerbread house!

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