The Craft Project

Draw a Giraffe Without Looking at the Page

I’ve been working my way through the first few drawing exercises in the wonderful book Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists.  Yesterday I was experimenting with blind contour giraffes (drawing giraffes without looking down at the page).  I was presently surprised at how well they turned out.  In fact, I now have the plan to learn to screen print so that I can print a series of blind contour animals onto clothing as part of my design work.  If anyone has recommendations for good screen printing resources or kits I would love to hear them.

Today I was doing gesture drawing with charcoal of my parent’s dog Meade.  The idea was to spend just a few seconds trying to capture some of her motion using charcoal.  I particularly like this image.  And tomorrow, I’m “off to the zoo” (if you’re wondering how that’s possible in Whitehorse, you’ll just have to check back and find out).


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