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365 Days of Sewing

So I’ve agreed to guest blog and contribute to a new project called 365 Days of Sewing.  The idea is to create a free sewing lesson resource, with new lessons appearing every single day, and at the same time build a community, including fostering daily discussions.  Here’s a quote from creators Stephanie and Heather to give you some idea of how exciting the project is:

“Every day, we’ll offer you a new lesson, taking you step in the journey of learning to sew any garment you can image – even design the styles you see in your head or on the runways. So we’re starting at the very beginning. How to sew a straight stitch, all about fabrics, how to understand a pattern… everything, eventually. We’ll progreess one project at a time, even including the pattern, when we can.”

Take a second to check it out if you get a chance.

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