The Craft Project

Live Your Own Truth

Today I’m basking in the excitement and joy that stepping away from a “real job” has given me.  I feel like so many things are falling into place and that my decision to stick to my resolutions and goals and to listen to what truly makes me happy couldn’t have been a better choice.  Thank you to everyone for sticking with me and supporting me in taking the leap.

I heard today that one of my designs (an Alice in Wonderland inspired hoodie) will be featured in the May 2011 issue of Altered Couture.  I literally jumped for joy.  Then I phoned my mother…who didn’t know what Altered Couture was…she phoned back two hours later after she had gone to the book store to buy a copy…she was suitably impressed.

I’ve got a huge range of project ideas churning in my head (and I have time to make them a reality), I’m in the gym about two hours a day, the dance studio a few days a week (my burlesque class today was so much fun…everyone should try it), and I’m on my yoga mat every single day (thank you to Team Crafty on Health Month for the support in keeping up the trend).  As you can tell…I’m really happy right now and I just wanted to share my joy with all of you…so I included today’s art journal entry for all of you to check out.  If I was challenged to title it, I would call it “live your own truth”.

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