The Craft Project

A Day for Reflection

I found myself spending some quality time with my art journal today.  The temperature had dropped outside which tends to slow life down a little bit in the North, letting you take some time to sit still and reflect.  Tyler’s spent a large portion of the day trying to fix his record player – he’s set up a mini workshop on our dinning room table (there was a soldering gun going a second ago and now I hear a drill), and the rest of the day was eaten up rescuing a friend whose car broke down (the poor girl didn’t even have a cell phone to call anyone – thank God we found her stranded on the side of the road, it’s minus 26 degrees Celsius outside right now).  As Tyler hung out under her car’s hood I watched a raven harass a border collie, which inspired one of today’s images.  The other page from my journal I’ve chosen to share with all of you today was simply an expression of joy and colour (although Tyler claims to see seahorses, butterflies and monkeys in it…I guess it’s like staring at clouds that way…let me know if any images emerge for you).


  1. Mike

    What I see is a beautiful cloudless Autumn day, and all the trees have turned to their fall colours – reds and yellows and oranges. All the trees, that is, except one – one that is still green… although it has caught on fire… a magical purple fire.

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