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The Wide and Wonderful World of E-Books

I was out for lunch with Tyler and our good friend Kyle a few days ago.  Kyle was asking what I was doing with myself now that I’m not working full time.  I told him I had developed a bum lifestyle and then I filled him in on everything that I’m keeping busy with.  When I finished outlining all of the fun things that I’m doing right now he burst out laughing, shook his head and exchanged a knowing glance with Tyler before announcing “honey, I don’t think you could be a bum if your life depended on it.”

One of the things I outlined over that meal started today (and I’m so excited about it).  I’m doing an online course with Sister Diane (of CraftyPod fame) on how to write, publish, and sell your own crafty e-book.  Some of you remember that creating an e-book was part of my New Year’s resolutions this year, so it feels awesome to be taking the first step.  I opened the online class space today to find a wealth of material to work my way through (it looks like it’s going to be a very busy week).  I’m heading back to it now, but I’ll keep you all posted on how my class work progresses.


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