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The Yukon Artists@ Work Co-op (who I hope to one day be a member artist of) today announced the formation of a new fund: The Yukon Artists@ Work Artist Relief Fund.  The concept of the fund is that it will provide short term financial assistance to artists from the Territory suffering from health issues who are unable to work.  To launch and build the new fund the Co-op is running a fundraiser called Canvas Confidential.  They are asking Yukon artists to come in to the Co-op to pick up a 12″ x 12″ canvas.  Artists create a piece of work on the canvas not using their traditional style.  They sign the back of the image and their bio is tucked into an envelope behind the canvas.  On April 16, 2011 the canvases will be shown and auctioned off at the Old Fire Hall in downtown Whitehorse.  Not until they are sold will the artists be revealed…until then community members will have to guess who produced the piece.  This seemed like too good an event to pass up being part of it, so tomorrow I’ll be heading over to the Co-op to pick up my canvas.  Any suggestions on styles or techniques to use for my confidential artwork?


  1. Christina Macdonald

    ooh, this sounds like fun! Hmm, in terms of an unconventional style for you, that’s tricky – from what I’ve seen, you embrace style diversity. Maybe a mixed media collage?

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