The Craft Project

Making Mandalas

As I work to deepen my yoga practice I am forced to acknowledge that eventually, at some point, probably in the near-ish future, most likely soon, I will have to embrace the concept of meditation.  And that’s actually very exciting, as I do believe strongly in the value and benefits of a meditation practice.  The issue for me is a logistical one…I’m fidgety, I can’t sit still, and getting my brain to focus on nothing, for an extended period of time is virtually impossible.  The good news is…I take the words virtually impossible as a personal challenge.  So tomorrow I’m going to try this whole meditation do-dad out and see how I fare.  In order to inspire me I created my own version of a mandala today in my art journal.  I once saw a group of Tibetan monks create a phenomenally beautiful mandala out of coloured sands over a number of days…this is nothing in comparison, but it’s a start at least.  Wish me luck.

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