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Defining my Truthteller

So I’m going to share another piece of the continuing process of my Soul Restoration class with you today.  We’ve been asked to define/chose a Truthteller – a person or entity (not a living person) who always has your best interest at heart and will help guide you when you feel lost.  Most people in this process chose God, or a spiritual deity from their faith, so they find this process very easy.  I found it really hard.  You see I’m not religious.  That’s not to say I don’t believe in anything, it just means that organized religions make me really uncomfortable – the concept of worship for example is something that I cannot wrap my head around.  So choosing God, or Vishnu, or Budha, or etc. simply wasn’t going to work for me.  After some serious consideration I came up with my own version of a Truthteller.  She is essentially a bad-ass fairy godmother.  Think of the concept of a Disney fairy godmother, mix in most of the attributes of the Greek Goddess Artemis (goddess of the moon, the hunt which we’ll interpret here as ambition, and virginity…well, two out of three ain’t bad), and add a touch of nature spirits from Celtic and First Nations cultures (Raven in particular who makes me think of Shakespeare’s Puck from Midsummer’s Night Dream) and you get a Truthteller that I can work with.

And now that I have a Truthteller, I’ve found myself already listening to her.  Last night I spent the evening with a mentor who lives in Ontario and was up in Whitehorse for a set of meetings.  At points the conversation swung into geology and academia and I found myself feeling like I should be working in those areas – after all, that’s what I’m trained for.  But then my Truthteller piped up and told me “to snap out of it”.  I’m absolutely loving that I’m embracing art and recreation right now as my potential career path, and so that’s where I’m staying regardless of what I was trained to do.

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  1. Skirzar

    My, what a nice BIRD you have there in your journal! It’s so great that you are spending this time exploring your other interests. Have fun:)

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