The Craft Project

In Honour of Red Underwear

I read a very moving blog post the other day by Lori who was celebrating a friend’s life and all that she had taught her.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Inside the box, wrapped in tissue, were three pairs of outrageously red undies.  I looked up at Kay who said simply, “No woman should go off to college without read underwear.”

From Kay I learned that food tastes better when served from heavy, earthenware bowls than it ever will from dainty, delicate, china.  I learned that dancing with abandon is infinitely more joyous than dancing with style.  I learned that bread is really only a delivery mechanism for real, creamy butter.  And I learned that the me that is true and unfiltered will always be more interesting and more lovable than the one I put on on purpose.”

The story had a strong impact on me and inspired me to create two pieces of art based upon it.  The first – a photograph – required me to go buy some new red underwear (a side bonus of the project).  As I was standing at the cash register of my local boutique the woman behind the counter told me a story about an 89 year old patron who always comes in to buy sexy red underwear because it makes her feel more alive (she adamantly refuses to have any plain white or beige in her drawer).  That settled it right then and there for me that I needed to create this blog and art pieces in honour of red underwear.  The photograph was a lot of fun to take, but did require that I freeze my fingers (it was -35 degrees Celsius and I had to have bare hands to set up the shot and operate the camera).  I took the photo in the woods behind one of our local churches – I wonder if any parishonners caught a glimpse of red through the windows…and if so, what they thought.

The second piece was an image I created in my art journal.  I limited myself to working with only red, white, and black in the piece to allow red to dominate.  I hope this inspires you to head out and get your own red undies (if you don’t already have a selection) and wear them proudly.




  1. I love both those red underwear stories and your artwork is amazing! Love that first pic, wonder what your neighbours would think if they caught you shooting it though?!

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo

  2. Oh Amber, those are incredible.

    I’m going to send this link to Sarah too so she can see.

    Would you be willing to send me a copy of that photo? And how you’d like it credited if I use it? I had been thinking to run The Red Underwear once a year on my blog (for however long I have it) and I would absolutely love to use that image with it.

    I’m so glad Kay’s story inspired you. She was a powerful and inspirational woman, although in truth I think she’d roll her eyes at me if I said so. As far as she was concerned, she just was.

    Much love and thanks to you.

    • Thanks for letting me know. My hubby, who is my CSS expert, is away on a trip right now, but I’ll get him to take a look when he gets home…hopefully we can fix the issue for IE7 (it looks fine in versions 8 and 9 at least…sigh the joys of web design).

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