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How Much Fiber can a Dyer Dye so a Spinner can Spin Wool?

I’ve been frustrated with myself recently for not dyeing the pile of fiber I have sitting in my studio.  I can’t spin any new wool without first dyeing the raw fiber, and I can’t launch Raven Mad Designs without spinning some more of my pixie dust wool…so today I got down to it and went on a fiber dyeing binge.  It took a while (and I almost dyed my wall blue in one very iffy moment) but it was definitely worth it.  I can’t wait for it to dry so I can start working with it.  Next up, a spinning binge.


  1. Rachel

    There is never enough time for wool and spinning. I was dyeing with indigo yesterday and will be dyeing with indigo the whole week trying to exhaust the vat. I hope to get a bunch of natural dyeing done this week and spin a lot more next week. My spinning is for assignments which is not as much fun as spinning for personal use. It is interesting though.

    Your fibre looks pretty. You did a great job.

  2. Andrea Coysh

    Fantastic fibre. Looks like you use a different technique for dying your wool? I’m a new spinner/dyer and so far just immerse the wool in the dye. I haven’t done very much either but what I do is with natural organics, like oak leaves, lichen, onion skins. Good luck with the indigo.

    • Rachel

      I like onion skins when saddened with iron because that olive green is awesome but the wool feels a little rough. I have to do 8 more natural dyes for an assignment and have lots of dyestuff to try.

      • I haven’t done as much work with natural dyes (although a friend and I will be doing some dyeing with mushrooms in the near-ish future). Any recommendations for good natural dyeing resources?

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