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A Family for Roland

So my absolute favourite blog on the planet is called ionlylikemonsters.  The blog is dedicated to showcasing monsters, which you may have guessed from the title, and is moderated by Roland P. Fingermonster.  On January 15th Roland celebrated his birthday.  He put a call out to artists, crafters, and mad scientists around the world to create brother monsters for him that I just had to answer…afterall Roland’s tireless work on his blog has given me so much it was the least I could do.

Originally I was planning to create a single brother for Roland out of polymer clay, but once I got going I realized I actually needed to create more than a single brother.  In the end I created Roland three new family members – one out of clay, one which I needle felted (to answer the question you’re all probably wondering…yes, it is hard to felt a finger puppet), and one out of paper (which is more of a pencil puppet…unless you have terrible skinny fingers).  I sincerely hope Roland enjoys his birthday present and that all of your days are brightened by it as well.

Happy Birthday Roland!

One comment

  1. hahahahahaha! I love them, Roland loves them! you. are. a. genius. ! Thank you for such a wonderful gift to Roland. I mean as, we all know, nothing is better than the family you get created for you by friends on the internet! Right? Right!

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