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Part of the journey to becoming a DIY princess involves learning from mentors (DIY goddesses and gods if you will) and supporting and giving back to the crafting and arts communities as a whole.  I’ve been scheming ways in which I might better do this and I’ve come up with a couple of plans.  I will shortly be adding two types of regular featured blogs to The Craft Project – book reviews and interviews with other artists and crafters.

I’m very excited to get these new features off the ground…but I need your help to get started.  Who would you like to see interviewed here at The Craft Project and what would you ask of them if you had the chance?  What sorts of books would you like to see reviewed?  Do you have a book (printed or e-book) that you would like to have reviewed?  Do you want to become one of the interviewees and share your wisdom with the world?  Let me know your thoughts, ideas, and wish lists, and I’ll use them to get this new feature off the ground and onto your screen.


  1. Deb Groom

    What a great idea. In our polymer clay guild we frequently ask each other about favourite tutorials. There are a lot out there and a lot of youtube videos but only so much time. It really helps to have someone say they tried a tutorial that was clear, interesting and produced a great finished product or technique. For example on Cynthia Tinapple’s Polymer Clay Daily on Sept.3rd 2010 Maggie Maggio shared her polymer clay links. It has been tried by many people in the guild and the results were great. I would love to hear about free tutorials that are favourites. Thanks, Deb Groom

  2. Amber, I think this is a great idea. I don’t have any suggestions for book reviews at the moment, but here’s something that comes to mind about interviews: how about interviewing an artist about a specific technique or process they use in the making of their art? I read a lot of interviews on blogs and many of them are a bit too broad. Assuming you’re going to insert links to their sites and/or Etsy page if they have one, readers can find out the general information on their own.

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