The Craft Project

And the Spinning Begins

The fiber that I dyed a few days ago is dry and today I took the first batch and split it into roving.  My couch now looks like a very pink fluffy cloud.  After dance class tonight I crashed on the couch (we were doing chair dancing tonight and by the time I got home my abs were making themselves known).  Given my complete inability to sit still, even when recuperating on the couch I started to spin.  The beginnings of a skein are on the spindle…now to tackle the rest of the cloud.


  1. Rachel

    Love the spinning. What kind of spindle? I am a little bit of a spindle collector and might have a few….cough (I have around 50). Your spinning looks awesome. I was spinning a bit of an alpaca/silk blend I dyed today on a spindle today too.

    • It’s a drop spindle that I picked up from a local artist when visiting my brother on the East Coast…it’s made of salvaged wood from a old barn (very pretty). %0 spindles is amazing…I can’t actually imagine that…I’d love to see a picture of your collection some time.

  2. Rachel

    Well Faro is not the most exciting place so I have to do something with my time. I order most of them although I did buy my Tabachek Russian and Tibetan support spindles in person. I met he and his wife last summer at Olds and they are great people. I have a lot of spindles from different spindle makers: Bosworth, Forrester, Spindlewood, Golding and so forth. I just have the one wheel so far but have a book charkha on order and possibly another wheel in the works.

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