The Craft Project

Spread Your Wings and Fly

The Soul Restoration course I am working my way through often makes use of birds of metaphors.  I was feeling inspired by this concept this morning and wanted to share that feeling of inspiration with all of you.  I hope you enjoy it.  What metaphors are currently resonating with you right now?


  1. Deb Groom

    Your work is so heartfelt and meaningful. Right now I’m taking a tongue in cheek approach to exploring my world. I have taken the “wild woman of the woods” concept and turned it into the “wild woman of the suburbs”. I am working on a mulitmedia piece that incorporates rug hooking, embroidery, wire, plastic and more. I will also be sculpting some pieces in polymer clay and see where it goes from there. It is the primal scream of the carpooler. We are more than the sum of our jogging pants and discount drive thru coupons! There is real pain and pathos in the mommy zone so I tend to face it with humour. Forty cannot be the new twenty if no one tells gravity! Gold fish crackers can be a meal replacement,… you get the idea.

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