The Craft Project

The First Ever Craft Project Zine!

Today the worlds of resolutions and swaps came together through the publication of the first ever Craft Project Zine, Adventures in Crafting.  I put it together as part of a Swap Bot swap (if you haven’t yet discovered Swap Bot, I highly recommend that you check it out).  This first zine attempt is a mini zine (small, eight page zine created using a single sheet of paper.  If you’d like to create your own masterpiece of self publishing, I recommend checking out this video.

Now here comes the really exciting part for all of you.  I’ve found a way to make my zine digital so all of you can experience it in (almost) the same way as my swap partners around the world.  Check it out here.  Enjoy!


  1. I loved your zine! This whole new world of online e-zine publishing is so exciting. The Hula Hoop project would be so fun this summer with grade schoolers up to teenagers. I can see this at Girl Scout summer camp, too!

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