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Fun with Anagrams

Tyler and I spent some time today figuring out a set of anagrams that were included in a zine that one of my swap partners sent me from my most recent zine exchange.  We were having so much fun that we got a wee bit carried away and wrote a whole note to our friend Kyle in anagrams (Tyler will be hand delivering it to him tomorrow morning at work…mwa ha ha).  By the time it was done it had morphed into something resembling a piece of twisted beat poetry (think Alan Ginsberg’s Howl-inspired) and we were killing ourselves (we will be signing all correspondence henceforth as “Damnable Retry“).  And then of course I had to re-write it and decorate it (we came close to me starting a fire while burning the page edges and my hands are now covered in charcoal, ink, and acrylic).  I wanted to give you all a chance to get in on the fun, so I’ve written out the full text here.  I will create an artist trading card (theme to be chosen by the winner) for the first person who successfully translates the note and posts the answer in the comments.  Good luck!

Leak dyer

Ay euro lilac dory vied tin twine toss

heed smites he oft at her avian lie

vain ions no dead newsy next

valiantly tree pace unholy aches me

tither pot cacao hell activism fuels

clove hum

Damnable Retry

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