The Craft Project


I received a very fun package in the mail today.  It contained two things: a disposable camera and a return envelope.  Some of you might be thinking, “fair enough then, she’s lost it, that doesn’t sound very exciting at all”.  For those of you expressing those sentiments at the moment, let me explain to you why this little package was so exciting.  That camera and envelope are the only two things I need to participate in the Brooklyn Art Library’s/Art House Co-op’s Photomobile Project.  The project asks artists and photographers from around the world to take their disposable camera out into the world and capture 27 images based on one of 32 themes (my theme is the great adventures of…).  The images will then be compiled into a travelling exhibit that makes its way from coast to coast across the United States; an online exhibit; and a book.  It’s an amazing project that I’m very excited to be a part of (and I’ll of course share the results of my photographic explorations with you once they’re complete).  And now to start scheming my photos.

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