The Craft Project

Hockey Day in Canada

Today I’m going to deviate a little from the norm, and instead of sharing with you something that I’m working on, I’m going to highlight someone else’s work that I found particularly inspiring today.  Today Whitehorse plays host to Hockey Day in Canada, a national event hosted by the CBC which celebrates all things hockey.  As part of the celebrations the Whitehorse snow sculpting team (yes, such a thing exists…in fact they’re the international champions) led by Don Watt created an amazing snow sculpture of the Dawson City Nuggets playing the Ottawa Senators for the Stanley Cup.  In 1905 the Nuggets, a team made up of miners from the Klondike goldfields, traveled for over a month by foot, dogsled, steamboat, and train to challenge Ottawa for the Stanley Cup.  They arrived exhausted, lost their first game 9-2, and were slaughtered in the second and final game.  The story goes that they made fun of Ottawa’s star shooter, Frank McGee, for only having one eye in the bar the night before the game.  McGee’s vision impairment did nothing to hamper his shooting skills, as his led his team to a 23-2 victory over the Nuggets (taking 14 of the goals himself) and into the history books for the highest scoring Stanley Cup final ever.  The Nuggets (yes, they still exist) had their chance for a rematch this week as they took on a team of Ottawa Senators alumni (they lost 10-1, but were pretty proud of themselves for that one goal).  I would argue that no other part of Canada has ever been so proud of a team for getting slaughtered competing for the Stanley Cup, and Don’s incredible snow sculpture speaks to that pride.

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