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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

For most of this week I struggled with the topic of this week’s photo challenge.  Curiosity seemed like the sort of subject that there were so many opportunities for – my parent’s dog exploring the world, a huge number of kids at Hockey Day in Canada, my students studying clouds, etc. – but I found I was really having trouble capturing the word with my camera (and I was starting to worry as the week was almost up).  Nature came to the rescue today with a different interpretation of curiosity than I had originally been striving for with a natural curiosity – the northern lights.

One of my best friends from Vancouver, Kendra, was up in Whitehorse for one night and she had never seen the northern lights before.  When we heard that they were supposed to be good tonight, we decided to bundle her up in warm clothes and try to catch a glimpse for her, despite the below -30 degree Celsius temperatures and the full moon which would usually wash out the lights too much to see anything.  We got lucky – despite the intense brightness of the full moon (causing 30 second exposure photos to appear as bright as day light) the lights came out to dance and put on a fantastic show – giving Kendra her first taste of these northern wonders and me some images to share with all of you.

What do you do while you're waiting for northern lights to start? You try to fight yourself.


  1. Hi, I like your blog a lot. I found you on the list of bloggers on Health Month. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights either, as I’ve always lived a bit to the south of Vancouver. Thank you.

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