The Craft Project

Introducing The Inchies

Until I started using Swap Bot I had never heard of inchies.  In case you find yourself in a similar situation here the basic details: an inchie is a one inch by one inch piece of art (generally you make a set around a similar theme).  They evolved out of the artist trading card revolution and have since firmly entrenched themselves into their own niche.  I was experimenting with the concept last night and in so doing created my very own first set of inchies.  In this case I created a 6 inch by 6 inch background which I then cut into 36 inchies.  I finished them off by adding a few pretty details after they were cut apart.  I absolutely love the effect of laying them out as a group.  In fact it has inspired me to try and create a number of sets of inchies in order to put together a show of them.  What do you think of that idea?


  1. lynnmath

    Ooooh, don’t get my started on inchies! Love them! And yours are so cute — soft and delicate!

    I’ve organized a few inchie swaps in my local scrapping group, and everyone’s creativity is amazing. I’ll see if I can get some photos together of the framed artwork we’ve gotten from the swaps…

    Oh, and then there’s “twinchies,” and “thrinchies,” too, when you get a little stifled with the small real estate space of inchies.

    They also make great little dimensional embellies on cards or layouts…

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  3. oooh, these are great! did you use postage stamps in your layout? i have a whole box i am always trying to incorporate.

    i am looking forward to following your blog, which by the way is amazing looking. i really like the header and the buttons for facebook, twitter, etc….

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